21 Feb 2021 – My OT Class and a Poem

A few people have asked exactly what I am studying in my current OT class, and wanted to know a few details, so I decided to write about it where I can give a more detailed explanation than I could through a text message. Last night I spent the majority of my time studying in

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The Day I Became a Murderer

Yes, the title is shocking, but it is true. Last year, I took a precious life. I have suffered for it every day since, until the day I wrote this blog. That day, I realized that my experience was intended by God for 2 reasons: 1) to show me how we can hurt others with

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Opinion Piece: Modern vs Biblical Feminism

DISCLAIMER: This might ruffle some feathers. That’s okay. It started as a joke between my husband and I. It made for a good funny but then I got to thinking about it and was inspired to write this blog. So, I will tell you 2 of the stories behind this. Bedtime conversations: Hubby was getting

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Hope for America is NOT in Donald Trump or Joe Biden

First, I have to give credit for the title: it was a statement made in today’s service by Pastor Jamie Powell of First Baptist Church of Perry. This is the new church home that God directed me to. I have only attended twice in person, but I faithfully watch the sermons online each week and

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